About us

Kaaha Industries was established in 2005 and Oldest manufacturer and exporter of vast rang of Instruments. It comprises of an integrated manufacturing facility, employing skilled craftsmen to produce broad range of professional Instruments. Its manufacturing process is running under the supervision of expert technicians.

Skilled employees are its main source for innovation and development of new products. They are working in safe and open environment where every worker contributes continuously to expand the company business. Qualified persons are hired to make use of the progressive technology. The company is also providing active support to its employees to improve their skills, creativity power and social development.

Our Aim
Seaburys & Company has earned the credit to get the entire satisfaction of the customers. By providing

Quality Products
Fair Prices
Timely Deliveries
Product Range

Seaburys & Company produces different types of Instruments. Our Main line of the business is Surgical, Dental, Gynecology and Beauty Instruments. Each Instrument manufactured by Kaaha Industries has personally been supervised and monitored to make sure that the Instruments are perfect. In other words, continuous research and development has allowed this company to make superior quality products.

Quality Standards
Kaaha Industries has achieved the certification of  Sialkot Chamber of Commerce, NTN AND CE. These quality assurance standards are maintained throughout the different production process by its modern testing devices and trained staff which is the main hallmark to maintain the quality of its products.

Kaaha Industries