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Retractor Mouth Gags

KI-02-1401 Weitlaner 10.5cm
KI-02-1402 Weitlaner 13cm
KI-02-1405 Molt 11cm
KI-02-1406 Molt 14cm

KI-02-1407 Middeldorpf
KI-02-1408 Middeldorpf
KI-02-1409 Middeldorpf
KI-02-1410 Middeldorpf
KI-02-1411 Middeldorpf
KI-02-1412 Middeldorpf
KI-02-1413 Lange beck
KI-02-1414 Lange beck
KI-02-1415 Lange beck
KI-02-1416 Lange beck
KI-02-1417 Lange beck
KI-02-1418 Kosher
KI-02-1419 Kosher
KI-02-1420 Senn-Mueller
KI-02-1421 Senn-Mueller
KI-02-1422 Senn-Mueller
KI-02-1423 Senn-Mueller

KI-02-1424 Mouth Gags with two screws
KI-02-1425 Mouth Gags detachable
KI-02-1426 Mouth Gags with two screws
KI-02-1427 Mouth Gags
KI-02-1428 Roser-Koenig 16cm
KI-02-1429 Roser-Koenig 19cm

KI-02-1430 Williger
KI-02-1431 Williger
KI-02-1432 Williger
KI-02-1433 Williger
KI-02-1434 Williger
KI-02-1435 Williger
KI-02-1436 Williger
KI-02-1437 Williger
KI-02-1438 Williger
KI-02-1439 Williger
KI-02-1440 Williger
KI-02-1441 Williger
KI-02-1442 Williger
KI-02-1443 Williger
KI-02-1444 Williger
KI-02-1445 Williger
KI-02-1446 Williger
KI-02-1447 Williger

KI-02-1448 Kirkland
KI-02-1449 Kirkland
KI-02-1450 Tahoma
KI-02-1451 Tahoma
KI-02-1452 Farabeuf 13cm
KI-02-1453 Sternberg 12cm
KI-02-1454 Sternberg 14cm
KI-02-1455 Sternberg 16cm
KI-02-1456 Sternberg 14cm
KI-02-1457 Sternberg 16cm
KI-02-1458 Sternberg 18cm
KI-02-1459 Bruenings
KI-02-1460 Bruenings
KI-02-1461 Luniatschek
KI-02-1462 Luniatschek

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