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Art #. KI-03-2216   Art #. KI-03-2217 Art #. KI-03-2218 Art #. KI-03-2219 Art #. KI-03-2220 Art #. KI-03-2221
Extractor Comedones, Extractor, Black Head Double Ended Extractor Wide Extractor Wide
Double Sided Plain Face Black Remover Black Black Black
Handle Black  Head Head cleaner   Head Remover Head Remover Head Remover
Art #. KI-03-2222 Art #. KI-03-2223 Art #. KI-03-2224 Art #. KI-03-2225    
Cuticle Pushers Double Ended   Double Ended Nail    
Extractor Arrow Point

Nail File

Nail File File    
Black Head Remover          
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